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Life that freezes

Life that freezes

" May Day two "

A black disaster day

Earthquake of Wenchuan of making people curse

Have destroyed compatriot's once happy home

Seize several tens of thousands of lifelike lives

The shocking one is miserable

Pain of injury that is remembered with deep gratitude

Rare calamity in this world

How allow compatriot break into pieces liver sausage

The tears tears are vertical-horizontal for it in the world

Campus beautiful in the past

Have turned into one pile and piled on the slabstone in the twinkling of an eye Rubble

Teacher and child having a class

Incline and carve one and is buried under the ruins

So helpless Desperate and terrified


This is only one town student

The rates of the injuries and deaths

Very such a datum

How to allow the common people, mayor to reach the Premier

Sadness for it Care for Visibly moved

When the disaster comes

Some students flee for one's life luckily

That because have heroic teachers

Calm Calm Risk one's life sweetly for them

Countless heroic and moving stories

Cause a great sensation Persuade gods

Nie knows swallows and defies death and rescues infants

For others' child

Have given up one's own flesh and blood

Tan both arms protect and speak the desk a thousand years

Pay the cost of the life

Protect four terrified students under the desk

"Fast Fast Rescue students! "

This is a heroic teacher

Over last words of the deceased of careless dawn

Put out the last girl in the class

Have chosen the death by but oneself

This is the action of ordinary teacher Zhou Ming Wang

The schoolmarm beautiful is to Qian

The body is broken and cut for two

But both hands are still protecting the child in the class closely

Young teacher Zhang MiYa

Still catch his students closely while dying in an accident

Do not hesitate to turn into the hawk of the broken wing on the ruins

Infant's teacher Ju Wan holds

Support in order to rescue children closely with the back

Collapse in the floor falling down

Music teacher Tang Hong

Push last three children to the corner

Have chosen to die bravely by but oneself

Can't finish the hero's story

Speak the name not ordinary

This is glorious teacher's colony in the disaster

Though their life

Froze it at that time forever

But their spirit has got immortality

At that time, the ordinary teacher is no longer ordinary

At that time, the severe teacher made the love

At that time, they were by forgetting I annotated

Teacher's professional loftiness

At that time, they used and gave one's life to bring

Eternity of teacher's soul

Let we

Remember their name

Every one is ordinary and loud

Let's collect their smiling face beautiful

Every one was also once like that

Only fresh and vivid

The heroic teacher did not die

They will turn into the eastern horizon

Then wipe the magnificent rosy dawn

The heroic teacher will not die

They will melt and do the green champaign

Turn into the night wind of the warm people of silk silk in spring


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