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Nursing method of the oily skin

Nursing method of the oily skin

The key of oily skin care is to keep the cleanness of the skin. So, the person, washing the face at least twice all day with oily skin. Meanwhile, need to use the cleansing facial milk, by cleaning the greasy dirt completely.
Behind washing the face, can shoot with the toner of convergence property, in order to inhibit the secretion of the oil, try hard not to use the oily cosmetics.
Can also massage appropriately after clean one in the evening, in order to improve the blood circulation of the skin, adjust the physiological function of the skin.
Can do once smoke surface, massage, change membrane, in order to achieve the goal of making the clean skin pore of bottom every week.

Introduce the notes of several pieces of oily skin here:
The props: Smoke the precise oil of clothing grass or precise oil of bergamot
Stainless steel basin
A big towel
Wash in the front, utilize evaporation of hot water to let the precise oil be volatilized out, impel the pore to be unblocked, the oil in the pore is easier to mediate out; Precise oil nationality breathe, enter human body, cold or disease of respiratory apparatus, have very good curative effect.

Operation method:
1.Put hot water into wash-basin, and then drip into 3-5 drops of precise oil
2.Near the face in place of about 30 centimeters above the wash-basin, cover on the head with the big towel, surround the vapour in the towel, can breathe deeply at this moment, close eyes, prevent precise oil perfume and vapor from stimulating eyes.
3.With cold to wash face afterwards, have, disappear utility of pore.
Water of comfortable skin that the oily skin uses:
Can smoke clothing grass balanced oil, diminish inflammation efficiency that sterilize, Gary improves and blocks the skin particularly, focus attention, increase the function of vigor, calm head.
Material: Deep mineral water 100ml in the ocean
Smoke clothing grass precise oil 6 ' Or orange spend precise oil 7)
Particularly Gary precise oil 4 ' Or 3 drops of precise oil of peppermint)
Method: Quench the deep mineral water in the ocean into the clean vial, join the above two kinds of precise oil, cover the bottle lid, shake from head to foot evenly.
Operation method: Clean the skin ' Or apply the facial film) And then moisture dry face, shake, reach at making up the cotton evenly toner, and then pat the face skin, let the skin totally absorb water of comfortable skin.
If the cleansing facial milk that you use has not inhibited the composition that the oil secreted, can put into, smoke clothing grass precise oil or Gary precise oil 1 drop particularly in cleansing facial milk, it is clean to make facial deep layer in a manner to loop, can get up to the efficiency that the oil of equilibrium secretes.
The face presents illness such as infection, analeptic, should treat early, in case that the condition becomes more serious, damage and expand, heal, leave scar and pigmentation.
The person with oily skin can also select the cream and nutrition frost for use appropriately in autumn and winter.
Had better not need the skin care product to put while falling asleep, in order to keep the normal excretion of the skin unobstructed.
Should pay attention to little last fatty, carbohydrate high food diet,it avoid last tobacco and wine and foods pungent, should drinking water fruit vegetableses many, keep the stool unobstructed, in order to improve the greasy coarse sense of the skin.

Summer of the oily skin nursing
The maintenance of the oily skin is extremely main in summer. Increase the number of times of cleaning skin at first, it is 2- 3 times every day. Use scrub cream once in order to carry on deeper cleanness, in case that too much sebaceous every week, the sweat liquid stops up the pore. In addition, should daub suncream, sunblock lotion etc. on the face, arm while being out, in order to lighten ultraviolet ray shine, prevent from skin tanned. Should wear the topee, sun shade, sunglasses, in case that the ultraviolet ray stabs skin and eyes.
If the big skin care product of the face with oil content, can't go out to be tanned by the sun the sun, will make the skin tight and damaged sharply in this way. Makeup should not be too dense either, in case that " make up the powder " Permeate through the skin under the circumstances that the sunshine is tanned by the sun, will leave spots, should pay attention to too in diet, should with light to, eat more vegetables,Tin Box Dvd Box Wholesale Tin Containers Cd Box Supplier Leather Handbag Pet Carrier Leather handbags Super Talent| Flash Drive| Flash Card| Memory Module| USB Drive| SUB Contracting|

fruit, drink more water, take little greasy food and stimulating food, do not drink the robust coffee or excessive wine, secrete in order to lighten the oil of skin vigorously. Should pay attention to, regulate indoor temperature also finally, prevent from, sweat more. Use more cosmetics of including little oil, water quality. Let one's own skin spend a hot midsummer safely.

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