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Graceful woman is 5 unique skills beautiful

Graceful woman is 5 unique skills beautiful

Unique skill 1: Don't be naked absolutely the face go to bed
The activity speed during evening sleep of skin cell wants faster than daytime, the demand for nutrition and absorption pace come much comparing with the time of waking up in the daytime. So, all cosmetologists are that the best maintenance of skin repair one while agreeing to sleep in the evening. Joan and Collins, pretty and dazzling superstar of Hollywood (JoanCollins) 50 years old forever Accepting the special visit of the magazine, say while mentioning her secret beautiful: The woman must not be lazy, even if your only one pot wipes the vegetable oil of the bread, must wipe to the face, can't go to bed with the naked face absolutely.
Unique skill 2: Follow physiological rhythm of the skin
Every day, every week, even every one months, the visceral function of the health is to dance and change with certain rhythm and melody, the expert claims, in fact, not only our body function has circulation of biorhythm, the skin is the same too!
Within one day and 24 hours, secretion of the body of forehead gland is all different each. Makes an appointment at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon, but secrete the peak at about 1 o'clock at noon at its minimum time point of vigor.
Remind you: Prepare one bottle to restrain water, a bottle of moisturizer in the office. Finish, behind the lunch, dip in disappear ink clean forehead with cotton stretch; At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, after having a rest and drinking a cup of afternoon tea, give some supplementary moisturizer of forehead conveniently.
Need, stay up really, wash face first, finish, maintain behind the step continuing struggling every night, in case that the skin fights in isolation. In addition, the maintenance time at the latest is 11 o'clock in the evening, the composition break-in when could give the skin the time and skin care products of at least one hour so.
Unique skill 3: A cup of hot water adds the fresh lemon in the morning
If cosmetology or weight-reducing advertisement to pay attention to newspapers, you sure to find constellation to end beautiful graceful arch-criminal of stature one of. So, get up every morning, must drink the next cup and add fresh lemon and hot boiled water of stretch on an empty stomach before taking food yet.
Don't look down upon this cup and arrange the poisonous water, it is not merely the best sour alkali neutralizer of health, still can get up, get remove constellation, efficiency to get rid of toxin. In addition, if there is puzzlement not good of tones, it can help you to improve magically!
Unique skill 4: Honey plus yellow sugar hand protector
In the times not very developed of skin care products of skin care, the woman always has some to maintain the plaster beautiful, the and the sum of the plaster kitchen can not take off the relation. Every European woman already getting on in years at present, has probably all learnt two American hand secrets with save money as well as fast method from their mother, can be after finishing strenuous housework, resume ten to mean finely and finely at once, the thin cover tender meat is dated too!
The method is very simple: Put one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of yellow sugar on the centre of the palm of hand, and after being even, exert oneself to crumple both hands, clean with the fresh water finally, you can have as baby delicate hands at once. If do this simple hand once to maintain regularly every week, still can avoid the production of the hand senile plaque.
Unique skill 5: The psychological beauty is held
Our skin exposes the informers of the worry like a meeting, it will make use of line and color on the face, tell us to hide it in feeling and mood at heart stealthily.
Try, get up every morning, takes short 5 minutes to do a simple psychology and improve looks and hold: In the face of the mirror, laugh heartily heartily, tell oneself to be the whole happiest person all over the world! Because can let the brain function be activated to smile at, how fragrant the ¦Á wave and secreting the happy ¦Â's kindness of hormone while letting the human body to relax is!, make people full of senses of making joyful immediately. So, at once to carry the face put superfluously up!
In fact, we can leave one small period of time in busy life for oneself every day, love more some oneself, more than give one's own space, allow oneself act as pieces of perfect woman, needn't expect oneself various expectation to meet everybody, logistics companyOverseas Removal Moving company, Moving services Worldwide Relocation, Freight Logistic ServicesOcean Transportation Air Freight Forwarder Office Relocation can let with one's own upper part of the body of pressure chance naturally!
It looks for to be originally fine book, steep cup fine tea, even nothing needn't make, see outside the window scenery stare flankly, let one's own body and mind have a rest just, it is good too to let it settle for a while --Having a rest is for walking longer distance!

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